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A collaborative & open health research platform requires a credible organization and ownership structure.

The Cureous platform has the potential to accelerate scientific inquiry and discovery in health research significantly - provided it finds widespread adoption.

Adoption depends notably on the credibility and trustworthiness of the operating company. The simple truth is that a private corporation backed by financial investors is not a good fit for a platform that is meant to provide free and open access to a wealth of data and research assets.

We want to launch Cureous in a context that has no conflict of interest with its open-science nature and that will allow to maximize the public benefit the platform can create. 

It is for this reason that we have decided to change the company setup and to launch the Cureous Commons initiative.

Why this initiative?: Who We Are



Cureous will transitions to a non-profit organization with a public benefit purpose. The non-profit organization will own, operate and evolve the Cureous platform moving forward.


The non-profit organization will be majority owned by a broad consortium of health research actors representing the interests of patients, public research, industry and health agencies (see Become a Partner).


The platform will be provided as a free public service - open to all qualifying researchers and the patient community.

Why this initiative?: List
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