• Mark Borggraefe

Launch of Cureous Commons

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

We are excited to announce the official launch of Cureous Commons!

Cureous Commons is a non-profit initiative aiming to establish a next-generation digital research platform as a public good - freely and openly available to patients and researchers.

The Cureous platform has been designed to enable collaborative & open investigations based on shared patient populations, shared research methods and enabling patients as research collaborators.

The platform has been in development since 2017 with a target launch in June 2021.

The goal of the Cureous Commons initiative is to build the consortium of public & private research organizations that will drive the evolution of the platform moving forward.

If you are a qualifying research organization and interested in becoming a Cureous consortium member, please register for one of the orientation sessions in early September.

You can find more information about the initiative, the platform as well as the orientation webinars on our website.

If you have questions or comments please drop us a note.

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